Clive Bevan - The Giant Veg Guru
Clive Bevan – The Giant Veg Guru

Clive Bevan is the giant vegetable guru. From aubergines to zucchini, Clive has grown them all with great success. You can access a lifetimes worth of information and experience which Clive imparts in his “Clive’s Giant Vegetable Book” or just have a go at this fascinating aspect of horticulture by having a go with a selection of Clive’s giant vegetable seeds that are available to buy online here (Shop)…. ideal to grow for astounding people at your local village show or just for fun.

Clive’s seeds are distributed by Patio Plants, based in Hesketh Bank, Preston Lancashire. Please contact sales@patio-plants.co.uk for more information.

Distributed by Patio Plants, Hesketh Bank