It’s not all about the Pumpkins!

Giant pumpkins definitely grab the headlines and the attention of social media but growing them can be very costly and requires a considerable amount of space.

Other giant vegetables can be much more practical to grow in either a standard garden green house or in¬†small vegetable bed at home or on the allotment. These provide all the interest, challenges and frustrations of growing ‘a big ‘un’ but without anything like the resources needed for big pumpkins.

Giant Vegetable Seeds
Giant Vegetable Seeds

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Planting Dates

Giant vegetable seed start dates

The most common question asked when starting out growing Giant Vegetables is ‘When should I plant…”¬†Clive has provided the following guidance:

Starting times for growing giant vegetables.

1. Beetroot. Feb – March
2. Cabbage. Nov – Jan
3. Carrots. Dec – March
4. Celery. Dec – March
5. Cucumbers. June
6. Marrow. Late May
7. Melon. Late May
8. Onions. November – Jan
9. Pumpkins. April – May
10. Parsnips. Jan – March
11. Radish. May – June
12. Runner Beans. May – June
13. Swede. Jan – March
14. Tomatoes. May – June
15. Sunflower. May – June
16. Watermelon. March – May

Good Luck!
Clive Bevan

Collecting Marrow Seeds

Clive harvesting Marrow seeds from a 52kg marrow that came 5th at at the 2016 Malvern Show.

Using a saw to access the giant marrow seeds
Using a saw to access the giant marrow seeds

Approximately 200 seeds were recovered which will be sold in Clive’s Giant Marrow seed packs.

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Harvesting the seeds from inside a giant marrow
Harvesting the seeds from inside a giant marrow
Cleaning giant marrow seeds
Cleaning giant marrow seeds