Giant Pumpkin Seeds


Clive’s Giant Pumpkin Seed
(approx 6 seeds/pack)


Clive’s Giant Pumpkin Seeds

For fun, for Halloween or for a competition, Clive’s giant pumpkin seeds are ideal for the kids to get involved in growing from germination right through to cutting off the pumpkin.

Giant pumpkins can be fickle to germinate with temperature and moisture being  a couple of the more critical variables. Best advice is not to try and start them all at once; Take one at a time and try one of the many methods available on the internet (or that suggested in Clive’s booklet ‘Growing Giant Vegetables’).

Grown from Clive's Giant Pumpkin Seed
Grown in 2015 by Mark O’Hanlon from a Clive’s Giant Pumpkin Seed

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